The Houses Of The Zodiac Explained

Aries rules first house. The first house and sign of the zodiac represent new ideas, invention, and goal-setting.


Taurus values nature, which rules the second house. Taurus values peace, luxury, comfort, and sensuality.


As the most communicative sign, Gemini rules the third house. Planets passing through the third house often indicate vital life facts.


Cancer rules the fourth house, known for its harsh appearance but kind heart. Cancers are nurturing in home, work, and with friends.


Leos are lively and amorous, appropriate for the fifth house. They're party animals. They love parties, friendships, and love.


The sixth house emphasizes mental and physical health, work-life balance, and routine. Organized Virgos dominate the sixth house and naturally succeed!


Libra, a stable sign in partnerships, rules the seventh house. Venus, the love planet, rules Libra. They find balance in harmonious relationships.