What Are The Least Addictive Foods?


Natural nuts, as opposed to roasted and salted nuts (though still high in fat and calories), are much safer bets.


Most people don't actually crave the egg itself, but rather the fried up, salty, paired-with-bacon combination of fat and flavor.

Chicken Breast

While chicken breast is a healthy option, you should probably avoid eating things like chicken salad when eating out.


Not all carbs are terribly addictive, thank goodness.

Crackers (Plain)

It's the cracker's partner, cheese, which is more likely the problem.


Though it may seem like a joke, water gets those feel-good chemicals flowing, just without any of the negative effects of fat, sugar, or salt

Granola Bar

This of course depends on whether you're munching on a healthy granola bar or a highly processed one dipped in chocolate.


Ever eaten too many strawberries and had a stomach ache? If you answered yes, what kind of strawberries are you eating?