Wendy's Is Launching an Exciting New Cinnabon-Inspired Breakfast Item

Later this month, Wendy's breakfast menu will receive a sweet makeover, and fans can applaud Cinnabon for it.  

Indeed, that is correct! The burger chain and the renowned cinnamon roll slinger have collaborated on an exclusive breakfast delicacy called the Cinnabon Pull-Apart.

It is prepared by dipping heated Danish dough in glaze before incorporating cinnamon, brown butter, and sugar into the oven.  

Following this, the pastry is encased in Cinnabon's signature cream cheese buttercream, which enhances the flavors with a hint of citrus.

Breakfast sandwiches, French toast sticks, and sides including seasoned potatoes and oatmeal bars are already available at Wendy's. 

The chain initiated the creation of the new Cinnamon Pull-Apart, however, in response to customer requests for an expanded selection of comfort foods on its morning menu. 

Wendy's has probably not been the last chain to come up with the concept of collaborating with Cinnabon to create an exclusive confection.  

Since 2013, Taco Bell, for instance, has offered its icing-stuffed Cinnabon Delights. In 2018, Pizza Hut also introduced Cinnabon Mini Rolls to its permanent menu.  

Although the Cinnabon Pull-Apart from Wendy's is not yet commercially available, patrons will not have to endure an extended delay to sample it.  

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