10 Ultimately French Hairstyles with French Girl

A chin-length French bob with modest layers is ageless and classy.

French Bob: 

The French twist is a formal and sophisticated hairstyle that requires rolling your hair up into a twist at the back.

A French Twist: 

Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and pin it into a messy French bun.

Messy French Bun: 

Crown your head with a braid for a royal look.

French Braided Crown: 

A French-twist low chignon is elegant and polished.

French Chignon: 

For simple chic, sweep your hair to the side and braid it.

French Side Braid: 

French twists or wraps add sophistication to a ponytail.

Twisted French

A fishtail braid is a fun and trendy French hairdo.

France Fishtail Braid: 

Tuck your ends and roll your hair into a chic French roll.

A French Roll: 

For a distinctive look, twist and secure your hair into a French knot.

The French Knot: 

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