The Ultimate Guide To Interior Design Styles According To Our Editors


Monochromatic palette and clear interiors emphasize simplicity and functionality. It uses glass and steel for sleek furniture and simple design.

Mid-Century Modern

Retro nostalgia, organic shapes, and basic fabrications. Its sleek, utilitarian furniture is made of wood and aluminum and comes in teal and mustard.


Exposed brick, raw materials, and industrial lighting. A neutral palette with bright highlights, metal and wood, and vintage furniture and decor define this style.


Diverse designs, textures, and worldwide inspirations. Rich colors, rattan and wood, and low-lying, comfy furniture with layered textiles are used.


Combines minimalism with functionality and coziness. It uses light woods, wool, and linen in white, grey, and pastels, with modern, simple furniture and hygge-inspired decor.


Offers timeless elegance with luxurious furnishings and accessories. Dark woods, opulent linens, deep colors, beautiful furniture, and elegant decorations are included.


Natural, rustic aesthetics with aged textures. Earth-toned stone and recycled wood are used in durable furniture and decor.