The Best Retirement Spots Worldwide

 A couple may easily live on the island for $2,700/month. A clinic visit costs $20 and a specialist appointment costs $65


 Cost of living in Lisbon is US$2,200 a month for a couple. The monthly cost of living drops to US$1,700 in surrounding cities.


 A couple can survive on $1,500 each month. Retirees can easily move and start a business with government help.


This developed nation has a rich culture and inexpensive cost of living.Mexico City two-bedroom apartments rent for roughly US$750.


In Medellín, a couple can live on US$2,000 per month, including rent. Cost of living might be as low as $500 in less popular places.


The country readily grants residency visas to retirees. Healthcare, travel, and meals are discounted up to 50% through their programs.


It has one of the lowest living costs in Europe. Mediterranean cuisine is a feature of this country. A couple may happily live for $1,900, including rent, in smaller cities.


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