The Aldi Bacon Conspiracy Theory Shaking Up The Internet

Reddit criticized Aldi's bad bacon in 2023 after several customers bought too much fat. Different accusations circulated on social media in March 2024.

Social media posts accusing Aldi of selling lab-grown bacon under its own label have gone viral. The grocery chain clarified.

Facebook posts consistently featured Aldi's store-brand bacon and a shopping cart, with the message, "Aldi's customers:

If you shop at Aldi you need to know that store brand bacon is not from pigs, it's from a growing CELL."

Appleton Meats, a Vancouver-based startup, employed biotechnology to make meat and dairy products from animal cells.

Aldi's representative clarified to USA Today on March 26 that Appleton Meats is distinct from Appleton Farms, which makes the chain's store-brand bacon.

"Appleton Farms is an ALDI private label brand and not affiliated with Appleton Meats," the representative told the site.

They further stated, "Our Appleton Farms products are not produced through cultivated lab practices."

The post's description of Appleton Meats was taken from Golden Research Engine, which may have caused the misunderstanding about Aldi's bacon.

Some people fiercely opposed lab-grown meat, unaware that Aldi's bacon claims were untrue.

"Ewww! Happy I don't buy there "Facebook comment. "We go from frankenfood to zombie food," said another.

Although we love Aldi, its meat selection may benefit from an upgrade. The retailer could consider making no-kill meat its next big thing.

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