Popular European Airline Now Weighing Some Passengers Before Boarding

At the very least, Finnair is the third airline to implement passenger weight monitoring.

However, the carrier maintains that participation is voluntary and for a maximum of three months. Its sole purpose will be the collection of data to assist in the customization of its aircraft. 

Carry-on bags are subject to the same weighing process as their proprietors. Weight estimations are being refined exclusively at the Finnair hub in Helsinki, Finland using the pilot program.

 During the initial four days of the initiative, over 800 adults provided informed consent for their luggage to be weighed. Finnair, according to Tallqvist, was "pleasantly surprised by the quantity of volunteers."

From 2025 to 2030, the weights will be utilized in payload calculations. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every five years.

Finnair's chief of ground processes, Satu Munnukka, stated, "The data collected is not associated with the customer's personally identifiable information in any manner."

While we do gather background information and the total weight of the customer's carry-on cargo, we do not request personal details such as the name or booking number.

The total weight is only visible to the customer service representative stationed at the measuring point; therefore, your involvement in the research can be assured.

Prior to this, both Air New Zealand and Korean Air conducted weight studies of a comparable nature.

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