Krispy Kreme's 2024 St. Patrick's Day Donuts Include 4 New Items

Krispy Kreme doesn't let a holiday pass without a donut tribute, whether you're a fan or a newbie. Krispy Kreme has a major St. Patrick's Day plan.

To celebrate, the business will offer a limited-time array of green-frosted treats starting March 11, Mashed reported.

Krispy Kreme's four new St. Patrick's Day donuts, while not as innovative as its 2022 collection with a Lenny the Leprechaun donut face, are nonetheless enjoyable and festive.

Luck of the Rainbow is a green-frosted glazed donut with rainbow sprinkles and a cloud-shaped icing blob.

Another, Shooting Shamrock, is a green-frosted glazed donut with a sweet clover. Treat #3: Oreo creme-filled Shamrock Cookies 'N Kreme donut with white icing, green drizzle .

shamrock-shaped sprinkles. The last donut, Plaid Party, is chocolate-frosted and creme-filled with light and dark green icing stripes on top.

Although Krispy Kreme's St. Patrick's Day donut designs are new this year, most are identical to previous March 17 offerings.  

In 2023, the green-themed goodies included a chocolate-frosted donut with plaid stripes and a sugar leprechaun hat, which we found visually appealing.  

A green donut with a rainbow-and-cloud theme was creme-filled and had frosting rainbows. A cookies-and-cream donut was offered last year .

Drive-thru customers may get green clothes without getting out of their cars. Delivery and some grocery stores will sell celebratory donuts, but no freebies.

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