How To Style Your Bookcase Like A Designer

Balance Books And Decor

Start by organizing books. Mix horizontal and vertical stacks for visual appeal. Each shelf should have room for vases, frames, and small sculptures.

Vary Heights And Sizes

Create a dynamic look with different-sized items. This could be tall vases, little trinkets, or medium boxes. The height difference makes the shelves look interesting.

Add Greenery

Incorporate some greenery, such as small potted plants or succulents, for a touch of nature. This adds color and life to your bookcase.

Colors And Textures

Choose a room-appropriate color palette. You can go monochrome or add color to make it pop. Multiple textures like metallic, matte, and wood can provide depth.

Art And Personal Items

Include art pieces or personal items like travel souvenirs to give your bookcase a unique and personal touch.

Create Focal Points

Designate a few shelves to serve as focal points. This could be achieved by placing a larger or more colorful object amidst more neutral items.

Layer Items

Place smaller items in front of larger ones to create a layered look. This adds depth and interest to your display.