How To Score A Free Costco Glass Tumbler

For some, Costco is just another place to stock up on food and other household necessities.

These cardholders indulge in more than just weekly grocery shopping, sharing their latest Costco findings and displaying their loyalty with merchandise.

Consider the Kirkland Signature sweater or the viral food court hot dog T-shirt. Fans of Costco can now show their support while drinking from a free branded water bottle.

The new Costco glass tumblers have wooden screw caps. One Reddit user posted on March 26 about the Costco-logo plastic cover.

Three photographs were sent of the item, which has a silicone blue logo sleeve (not plastic as previously suggested) and a short rope grip on the lid.

How do you receive Costco gear? Set up membership auto-renewal with a teammate. One Costco fan on Facebook reported that warehouse kiosks will be open until March 30.

This auto-renewal present may not be as appealing as a Stanley cup, but a free water bottle is an acceptable alternative.

Seems terrible. One Redditor labeled them "Worst bottles ever created.

Three others recounted their experiences with comparable water bottles, while another said they looked cheap.

"[It] doesn't insulate that well and if you leave it in the fridge to keep your liquid cold, the cap will shrink and is a pain to open," said.

Numerous Costco members declined the freebie, stating they do not require another reusable water bottle.

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