Find Out Which Type Of Drunk You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries usually start the party and pop the bottles. They may purchase shots for the bar or wrestle a friend to keep the night going. As result-driven beings, they'll party to the end.


This obsession with looks makes them more likely to be a “stealth drunk.” You know, that friend who sits in the corner sipping their drink while everyone else gets boisterous, but when they stand up and stumble, they're just as drunk. 


When drunk, Geminis are much more open than usual! They may share their life story or hot gossip with strangers.


Cancerians are noted for their rough exterior that shields their emotional center, like crabs. Drinking lowers the barricades and opens the floodgates!


Being outgoing, Leos will perform even more when confident after a few drinks. That may mean karaoke, table dancing, or arguing.


Perfectionists Virgos have high expectations for themselves.When intoxicated, their sassy side may reveal what they actually think, and they could hurt you to the core!


Libras love, so expect them to get particularly lovey-dovey after drinking. They'll tell you they love you, love your friendship, and adore their neighborhood coffee shop barista.


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