Makeup Artist Tips And Techniques 

Clean and moisturize your face. Good skincare prepares skin for cosmetics.

1. Skincare First

Different makeup techniques suit different facial forms. To enhance characteristics, identify and work with face shapes.

2. Facial Shapes

Match foundation and concealer to client skin tone. Find the closest match by testing jawline or wrist colors.

3. Foundation And Conceale 

Learn to mix for a natural look. Use beauty blenders, brushes, or fingers for different products.

4. Blending Methods

Learn different eye makeup techniques, such as cut crease, smoky eyes, and winged eyeliner, to cater to various client preferences.

5.  Eye Makeup Tips

Contour to define and shape facial features, and highlight to accentuate high points. Be subtle to avoid an overly dramatic effect.

6.  Contour And Highlight

Define eyebrows to match the face. Fill and shape brows using pencils, powders, or gels.

7. Brow Shaping

Line lips to shape and avoid feathering. Discover the right lip color for the appearance.

8. Lip Definition 

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