6 Activities People Over 60 Are Frequently Told To Avoid

Heavy Lifting: Due to potential strain on joints and muscles, heavy lifting of objects is often discouraged for older adults to prevent injuries.

High-Impact Exercises: Activities like running or intense aerobic workouts may put excessive stress on joints and bones, leading to potential injuries.

Extreme Sports: Engaging in extreme sports or activities with a high risk of injury, such as skydiving or rock climbing, is generally advised against for older individuals.

Strenuous Gardening or Yard Work: While gardening can be therapeutic, older adults should be cautious with heavy digging, lifting, or prolonged bending to avoid strain or injury.

Overexertion in Hot Weather: Excessive physical activity in hot weather can lead to heat-related illnesses, so it's important for older adults to stay hydrated.

Driving at Night or in Poor Visibility: Vision changes with age can affect night vision and depth perception, making driving in low-light conditions or poor visibility more challenging and risky.

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