Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Stepping Down Amid Board, Management Shake-Up

President and CEO of Boeing Dave Calhoun announced on Monday that he will resign from his position at the conclusion of 2024.

Board Chair Larry Kellner indicated he will not run again at the annual shareholder meeting, coinciding with Calhoun's resignation. Thus, the board elected Steve Mollenkopf to replace Kellner as independent board chair.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) president and CEO Stan Deal is also missing during the massive overhaul. Stephanie Pope will lead BCA after Deal resigns on Monday.

Serving Boeing has been the greatest honor of my life," Calhoun wrote in a letter to employees. "With the entire world watching, I am confident that we shall emerge from this juncture as a more formidable group.

Our top focus will remain completing the joint work that have stabilized our organization after the enormous challenges of the past five years. Safety and quality will always be our top priorities.

A month after Ed Clark's resignation as Boeing's 737 Max program director, Katie Ringgold, a former VP of 737 delivery operations, took over. "No less is demanded and deserved by our customers," Deal said.

Boeing has endured several turbulent months since early January, when a door panel detachable from an Alaska Airlines aircraft in midair.

 The occurrence brought attention to the organization, which subsequently disclosed concerning quality control concerns that caused production delays and instigated inquiries from regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In light of the fact that some passengers are seeking alternative aircraft and officials continue to reassure the public that air travel remains secure, airline executives have recently sought meetings with Boeing.

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