9 Best Candy Stores In The US

Dylan's Candy Bar (New York, New York): A colorful and iconic store offering a wide range of candies, chocolates, and unique confections.

Powell's Sweet Shoppe (Various Locations, California): A chain of nostalgic candy stores featuring a vast assortment of retro and modern candies.

It'Sugar (Various Locations): Known for its gigantic and whimsical candy stores with a variety of sweet treats.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen (Savannah, Georgia): Famous for its handmade pralines, taffy, and Southern-inspired candies.

Shane Confectionery (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): The oldest continuously operated candy shop in the U.S., offering historic and artisanal sweets.

Big Top Candy Shop (Austin, Texas): A quirky store with a vintage circus theme and a vast selection of candies and sodas.

Rocket Fizz (Various Locations): A retro-themed store with a broad range of candies, sodas, and novelty items.

Sugarfina (Various Locations): Specializes in upscale and gourmet candies, including champagne gummy bears and other unique treats.