8 Things You Should Never, Ever Buy at Costco

Spices: Large quantities can go unused before losing their flavor, making smaller purchases more practical​

Cooking Oil: Due to its limited shelf life, buying in bulk may not be the best option unless you use it frequently​

Over-the-counter Medications: The risk of not using up the medication before its expiration date means you might waste more than you save​

Soda: Often sold at deep discounts or with coupons at supermarkets, especially during certain holidays

Bread and Pastries: These items have a short shelf life, making them less ideal for bulk purchasing unless you have a large family or plan to consume them quickly​

Canned Goods: Local grocery stores may offer better deals, especially when items are on sale​​​​.

Books and Some Electronics: Limited selection and potentially better deals elsewhere make these items less ideal to purchase at Costco​

Name-Brand Clothing and Mattresses: The quality of name-brand clothing might be different than expected, and the limited selection of mattresses might not meet everyone's needs

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