8 Exterior Paint Palettes To Suit Every Style Of Home

Tailoring paint palettes to suit a range of home styles, from traditional to modern, craftsman to colonial, and more.

Diverse Home Styles

Each palette is carefully coordinated to enhance the architectural details and style of the specific type of home.

Color Coordination

Choosing the primary color for the body of the home, which sets the tone for the overall look.

Main Body Colors

Picking colors for doors, shutters, and other accents to add character and depth to the home's appearance.

Accent Colors

Incorporating contemporary color trends for modern homes, such as neutral palettes or bold, contrasting colors.

Modern Trends

Considering the home's environment and landscape in choosing colors that harmonize with the natural setting.

Natural Surroundings

Ensuring that the selected paints are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and of high quality to withstand weather conditions.

Durability And Quality

Reflecting the homeowner's personal style and preference in the color choices, making each home unique.

Personal Preference

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