8 Dining Table Decor Ideas 

Modern Scheme With Florals

vibrant bunches of flowers with rounded leaves and petals make the space feel more welcoming for guests, and make the space more gently appealing for daytime meals.

Fruit And Veg

For many, entertaining for is all about the food – so don't restrict it to the dinner plates. Instead of flower arrangements, consider giving guests their five a day through the table decor.

Go Long With a Runner

If you’re looking to play with the proportions of your space, using a runner is one of the dining table styling tricks. For long banqueting tables, a runner helps connect one end of the table to another.

Inject Color Into A Neutral Space

Table decor has the ability to completely overhaul your dining room colors, and give a whole new look to the space – especially if it has a neutral backdrop to make its mark on.

Table Shape

When choosing your decor, the first step is to think about the shape of your table – a long table will require a completely different approach to something square or round.

Seasonal Centerpiece

Change your centerpiece according to the season. For example, a bowl of pinecones and candles in winter, a vase of fresh flowers in spring, a bowl of citrus fruits in summer.

Candlelit Ambiance

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with candles. Use candle holders or trays with different-sized candles as a centerpiece. You can also mix in some decorative candlesticks or pillar candles.

Minimalist Elegance

A sleek vase with a few fresh flowers or a bowl of polished stones can bring a touch of sophistication to your dining table.

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