7 Top Dining Room Ideas

To make this classic style work in a country home, layer fabrics that offer rustic contrast.

Cover With Fabric

A separate dining room may be difficult in smaller homes. To separate the eating area without a room, use ‘broken-plan living rooms’

Zone Your Dining Space

Why not use huge pendant lighting or a chandelier to draw the attention up and give drama to a dining room?

Soften A Dining Room Expansion

To keep your dining room ideas fresh, change them between dinner parties.

Let Seasons Guide Your Design

By using gallery wall ideas, these mirrors have been regarded as works of art, with their shapes and patinas as important as their reflection.

Use Mirrors

A dining room is a fantastic place to experiment with scale in interior design, especially when blending patterns of different sizes.

Try Scale

Choose natural colors like soft browns, gentle greys, and creamy nudes to provide a stunning base for adaptable soft furnishings. Add vibrant cushions to a dining room chair or artwork to a blank wall.

Artfully Frame The Dining Table

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