7 Most Fascinating Pink Creatures In The World

Pink Dolphin: Also known as the Amazon River dolphin or Boto, this freshwater dolphin species is known for its pink coloration, especially in its belly and fins.

Pink Flamingo: These iconic birds are known for their vibrant pink plumage, which comes from the pigments in the food they eat, such as shrimp and algae.

Pink Orchid Mantis: This insect species has a striking pink coloration that helps it blend in with flowers, where it hunts prey like bees and butterflies.

Pink Starfish: Some species of starfish, particularly those found in tropical waters, have a pinkish hue, making them stand out against the ocean floor.

Pink Sea Slug: Various species of sea slugs, such as the nudibranch, can have pink coloration, adding to the diversity of colors in marine life.

Pink Hippopotamus: While hippos are not typically pink, some individuals can appear pink due to a condition called leucism, which causes a lack of pigment in the skin.

Pink Grasshopper: Similar to the pink katydid, pink grasshoppers have a pink coloration that provides camouflage in their natural habitats.

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