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7 Bad hygiene habits you didn’t know you had

Using Your Phone in the Bathroom: Phones can carry a significant amount of bacteria. Using them in the bathroom can transfer germs to your hands and face.

Not Washing Your Hands After Handling Money: Money can be surprisingly dirty, and failing to wash your hands afterward can spread germs.

Skipping Hand Washing Before Eating: Many people neglect to wash their hands before meals, potentially transferring germs to their food.

Ignoring Your Toothbrush: Keeping your toothbrush in a damp, closed container can promote bacterial growth. It's better to store it in an open, dry area.

Not Cleaning Your Water Bottle: Reusable water bottles can develop mold and bacteria if not cleaned regularly.

Using Your Hands to Sneeze or Cough: Always use a tissue or your elbow to cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing to prevent the spread of germs.

 Using Old Sponges: Kitchen sponges can harbor bacteria and should be replaced regularly or microwaved to kill germs.

Neglecting Your Makeup Brushes: Dirty makeup brushes can lead to skin issues. Clean them regularly to prevent this.