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12 Spooky Drinks To Try This Halloween

Witches' Brew Punch: A mysterious and colorful concoction with various fruit juices and a scoop of lime sherbet for a bubbling effect.

Blood Orange Margarita: A Halloween twist on the classic margarita using blood orange juice for a deep, dark red hue.

Zombie Cocktail: A potent mix of light and dark rum with fruit juices that can make you feel like a zombie.

Black Widow Cocktail: A dark and dramatic cocktail made with black vodka, cranberry juice, and a splash of orange liqueur.

Vampire's Kiss: A fruity and blood-red cocktail featuring raspberry liqueur and champagne.

Poison Apple Cocktail: A green apple-flavored drink with a touch of black vodka for a wicked look.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Martini: A dessert-like martini featuring pumpkin spice syrup and creamy flavors.

Eyeball Punch: A chilling punch made with lychees stuffed with blueberries to resemble eerie eyeballs.