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10 Misleading ‘Healthy’ Foods: What to Avoid for Better Nutrition

Flavored Yogurt: Often contains high amounts of added sugar. Opt for plain, unsweetened yogurt and add your own toppings.

Granola Bars: Some granola bars are high in sugar and low in nutrients. Look for bars with whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and minimal added sugars.

Peanut Butter: While it may seem healthier, reduced-fat peanut butter often contains more sugar and additives. Stick to natural peanut butter with no added sugars.

Dried Fruit: Although it's a convenient snack, dried fruit is high in sugar and calories. Enjoy it in moderation and opt for varieties without added sugars.

Pre-Packaged Smoothies: These can be loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives. Make your own smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sports Drinks: While they can be beneficial for intense exercise, they're often unnecessary for casual workouts and can be high in sugar. Water is usually sufficient for hydration.

Snacks: Not all gluten-free snacks are healthier. Many are highly processed and contain added sugars and fats. Look for whole-food options.

Veggie Chips: Despite their name, many veggie chips are made from starchy vegetables like potatoes and are fried in unhealthy oils.

Vegan Meat Alternatives: While they can be convenient, many are highly processed and may contain additives.

Low-Fat Salad Dressings: Often contain added sugars and unhealthy fats to compensate for the reduced fat content. Opt for dressings made with olive oil or avocado oil.