10 Knotless Braids Hairstyles that Turn Heads for women over 50

Scribbled Underline

Long knotless strands that cascade down your back are classic.

Classic Knotless

Choose a box braid without knots for a clean look.

Box Braids: 

Make a statement with gigantic knotless braids.

Jumbo Knotless

Get a Senegalese twist without knots for a lightweight, easygoing look.

Senegalese knotless

Accept the delicate and refined elegance of micro knotless braids.


Feed-in braiding gives knotless strands dimension and flair.

Knotless Feed

Triangle part knotless braids provide a unique geometric pattern for an edgy look.

Knotless Triangle

Elegant knotless braids for fashion goddesses.

Goddess Braids

Knotless lemonade braids are a modern take on Beyoncé's.

Knotless Lemonade

For cultural flair, add Fulani beads and decorations to knotless braids.

Fulani Knotless 

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