10 Gorgeous Countries to Spend Your Retirement In

1. Norway

With a picturesque landscape in every direction, it’s clear to see why Norway is a top pick. Yet, it’s more than just a pretty face.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is another breathtaking area to which retirees flock.

3. Iceland

Iceland is another gorgeous retirement area with a unique blend of things to see, like volcanoes.

4. Australia

With warmer weather, a strong economy, and no language barrier, it’s easy to see why Australia is a superb place to retire.

5. New Zealand

Right alongside Australia at number five is none other than New Zealand.

6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is undeniably a country that makes it on the top 10 list. That’s because it’s known for its remarkable economics and political stability.

7. Netherlands

A high standard of living and an incredible healthcare system make the Netherlands a standout.

8. Denmark

Aside from utter happiness for all, Denmark is also a beautiful spot with fantastic healthcare and peace of mind.

9. Czech Republic

A low crime rate, thriving social scene, hospitable citizens, and affordable lifestyle are just a few reasons why the Czech Republic ranks number nine.

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Czech Republic