10 Awesome Examples of Braids with Curls for women over 40

For a bold mohawk-inspired hairstyle, braid the center and curl the sides.


Use a bohemian Dutch braid on the crown and disheveled curls for a chic, easygoing style.

Free-Curl Boho

Create a crown braid to frame your face and let your hair flow in ringlets.

Crown Braid

A faux hawk braid in the center and S-shaped curls create a sleek and edgy look.

S-Curl Faux

A braided chignon and gentle curls create a feminine and elegant updo.

Soft-curl braided

Make a braid and let your hair loosen into untidy waves for a trendy style.

Tangled Braid

French For a fun, young look, braid one side and put the rest in a curly ponytail.

Curly Ponytail:

For a classic style, use a textured braid and defined curls.

Curly, textured braid: 

For a striking look, Dutch braid your hair to the side and finish with tight spiral curls.

Dutch Braid:

For a romantic look, braid the side and allow the hair flow in side-swept waves.

Loose Braid:

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